It's all about the socks


sock-knitting-5  Dorothy’s sock knitting workshops are one of our most popular events here at Ready Steady Knit. Dorothy is a sock knitting addict and we are privileged to be able to learn from her.

sock-knitting-2 The tension builds the night before when the room is set up ready for the class.The first task is making a choice from the colourful sock yarns from Opal, Regia and King Cole.

sock-knitting-3 It is essential to get comfortable handling the four short sock needles and working in the round. A common mistake is to forget to change needles and finish up with all your stitches on one needle.

sock-knitting-1 While the knitters relaxed into the rythmn of the sock Dorothy was on hand with handy hints. And of course there was some lovely home baking to keep their energy up.

sock-knitting-4 By the end of the session, everyone had completed the cuff of their sock and was on to the easy rounds of stocking stitch.

sock-knitting-6 The next class on Saturday 5th November is where we learn to turn the heel and graft the toe. If you can’t make it to one of our sock knitting workshops but would like to give it a try, we have the sock knitting kits for sale in the shop for £10.99. Happy knitting x


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